Back from CHI

I got back from my first CHI yesterday.  I saw more interesting talks, posters, and tech demos than I could possibly recount.

That said, a few stand out in my memory (in no particular order).  Yamashita et al’s paper on machine translation and grounding was theoretically very interesting and also offered perspective on how translation technologies might be used (or misused).  ITU Gaze Group‘s low-cost, open source eye tracking could really expand the practical, everyday application of gaze as an input modality.   Jeremy Birnholtz presented a paper (written with Jeff Hancock and colleagues) about “butler lies,” the deceptive strategies people use to manage their computer-mediated social interactions, which served to highlight the importance of ambiguity in the development of CMC technologies and applications.

And of course, Lauren and Patti’s talks were quite good too!


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