Paper accepted at ST&D 2010

My paper, “Effects of Shifting Spatial Context on Referential Form”, coauthored with Darren Gergle, was accepted to the ST&D 2010 conference (also known as the 20th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text and Discourse). In a nutshell, the paper reviews some work we did looking at how people in naturalistic (as opposed to tightly-controlled experimental) conversation use their movement and position as a conversational resource that allows them to use simpler referential language. Although I’m first author, Dr. Gergle will be giving the talk – I’ll be out of town getting married at the time. The conference is August 16-18 at the Palmer House hotel in Chicago, and it’s looking like a really strong program this year. Great stuff for anyone interested in getting a preview of great psycholinguistic / conversation research before it hits the journals.


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